Our philosophy

The 'Studios Kilindra' are carved in the shadow of the castle, on the edge of the country village and are under the control of archaiologkis service. Respecting the traditional architecture and decoration was for us one way and our obligation. The studios are furnished with individual taste and imagination with antiques, rugs and folk art objects, while the equipment is modern and quality. The view is unobstructed Aegean

The interiors are reminiscent of old Astypalean last century mansion, with the comforts of a luxury hotel while the exterior is dominated by bright blue and white mentioning the Cyclades. This aloste is the architectural idiom of Astypalaia. But any decorating style is not enough for a hotel unless accompanied by love and care to their visitors.

Why at Studios Kilindra

Because it is very close to the center. Because the view is breathtaking. For the comfort and isychia away from noises, motorbikes and cars. For the beach just below the hotel.

Unrivaled Location

The hotel is hanging off the cliff below the entrance of the castle . From the balconies you can see the rigors of the sea accompanied by the song of the waves.

The 'Magazaki'

The small beach 'Magazaki'/'Little Shop' located beneath your feet. From there it comes the sound of the waves climbing on your balconies.

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accommodation studios

The folk architecture of Astypalaia.

The small house Astypalea, the first form of popular housing, as formulated in the castle and as later spread to the rest of the settlement consisted of an oblong arches facing the street, a door and a small window.To basement, used for daily housework and storage of offspring were, connected with the upper floor, which initially had only a large chamber through an external stone or wooden staircase railing with trellis. Painted in bright colors or white houses surrounded by wooden balconies, courtyards and lintels with Venetian influences.

Until our door ...

After reaching the square from the side lying windmills will antiifthite that forbid access to it. So on the left side of the road are the windmills and right on a steep descent. Get off this street and immediately left you meet a small gallery where you find the salon Nikita. Continues and the road brings you in front of our door.There is a private hotel parking but the peak of the tourist season may not find a seat. However our hotel staff will arrange for your service ..

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The popular culture of Astypalaia.

Particular emphasis is given to the interior decoration of astypalean house that has been expressed through architecture, sculpture, weaving, embroidery, pottery and particularly special woodsculpture .Manifested strongly in windows and ceilings of homes, which are elaborately decorated with original designs. But the most elaborate expression is the wonderful wood trim of the bed with rows of carved wooden shelves, so-called "krintzoles" pure sample of the local popular architecture and the famous carved trunks.


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The celebration of the 15th August



Exibitions of young artits in mills